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This Ultimate Lean Muscle Building Program is for anyone that wants to pack on quality muscle mass/size at the most efficient, effective rate while most importantly staying lean. This means you will be avoiding any unnecessary fat while gradually increasing muscle mass in the process. Ultimately, regardless of your past experience, age, your current exercise levels, whatever stage of fitness you may be at, this program is targeted to maximize muscle mass, burn fat and improve your overall strength. Whats included?

  • 12 Week workout plan (3 phases):Every 4 weeks, we will adjust your program based on the results and have you get the best results!
  • 12 week Abdominal routine (12 phases):Every week, you get a new abdominal workout routine, getting harder every single week! This is the Ab Attack Program (normally $59.99 as a Bonus).
  • 12 week Meal plan:We can work on adjusting the plan anytime throughout the program.


  • BONUSES! Nutritional Handbook: Explains everything about macros and nutrition.
  • Grocery list: Buy groceries off the list, no guessing, no thinking, simple and easy.

Muscle Building Program

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