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The 12 Week Intensive strength and Conditioning Package includes the following:

•12 Week Meal Plan (Adjusted biweekly)

•12 Week Workout Program (Adjusted Monthly)

•12 Week Abs Workout (Adjusted Monthly)


You will also have a consultation with the Head Coach Eyad @ezphyzique after submitting your checkin every week and based on your progress the adjustments will be made if necessary to ensure you are held accountable and Motivated.

•Checkins are mandatory to receive updates.

•Everything is accessible through an app and accessibility is valid for the duration of the program “12 weeks”.

Once you join the program you will have access to the questionnaire and based on your answers the program will be tailored to your needs and current schedule to make sure you will be able to stick to it.


Programs will be ready within 72 hours of sending in your questionnaire.

12 Week Intensive Strength & Conditioning Program

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