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When beginning a diet, most will decrease caloric consumption in order to drop pounds. The body's natural response to fewer calories is to increase the hunger pangs to let you know that something has changed. There is also the deprivation mentality that can happen on a deeper level: we feel as though we cannot have certain foods or as much food as we are accustomed to and we naturally begin to crave or miss that way of living. Remember the body will do everything to maintain balance and change can be stressful.

In order to succeed at the weight loss / restriction calorie diet, the body will have to adjust to a new set point and deal with the associated hunger. There are ways that you can naturally suppress the appetite and remain true to the dietary meal plan.

Anything that is opened in a wrapper has bad news written all over it. No chocolate, candy, granola bars none of that at any time cut that out of your eating plans.

Cut down on SIMPLE carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, bread none of that!! Carbs you should eat them during lunch time or breakfast no carbs at night because they will be stored while your at rest and will turn into fat. Focus on your carbs being whole grain or wheat gives you a lot more nutrients and takes longer to digest in that sense those carbs will be utilized for energy a lot longer.

The way your food is COOKED is extremely important, no fried food at any time. Just because your on a diet, does not mean you cant eat good, just focus on lean muscle mass. Go WHITE LEAN PROTEIN So make sure you eat your chicken, turkey, or fish and make sure it is grilled, broiled, or boiled.

Five to six meals a day, just smaller meals throughout the day. Every 2 to 3 hours have a small meal, the key to being able to do this is having pre made snacks maybe slices of turkey, ham, protein shake or fruit. This is for the fact of the feeling of satiety so your hunger mechanism does not trigger & you don't reach over for that cheat.

Eat your vegetables these are the carbs you should be eating, eat them as green as possible. They are very low calorie dense and full of fiber and nutrients, try to stay away from carrots and corn which are normally a little high in sugar content.

Talking about fruits, fruits are essential in the human body have a lot of different nutrients that the body requires. Though a lot of people don’t know fruits is the ONLY thing that is 100% carbs but these are the type of carbs that I recommend you to be consuming, In small doses everything is good to a certain degree just because I say you can eat this don’t overload. Small portions is the key because fruits are made up of vitamins, water & sugar so keep to a minimum if trying to lose weight.

Liquid is a huge variable in a diet, a lot of people tend to be very strict and on point with their diet but mess it up by drinking their calories. No sodas or any fountain drinks, try to stay away from those sugary drinks those calories will catch up to you and add up, go heavy on water. Though I know a lot of people don’t like drinking water with their meals, so try to stay on low calorie drinks that don't consist of calories. Even a diet coke once in a while isn’t that bad and doesn’t carry calories but water is preferred, but don’t over load on these natural juices either because juices do carry a lot of sugar.

Condiments this is were a lot of people tend to bite themselves in the butt!! Healthy grilled chicken with a salad & then you go and add curry mustard and ranch dressing and just ruin your healthy meal. No people don't be that person if your going to sacrifice the foods you love do it correct, Mustard, Low Sodium Ketchup, natural herbs, Vinegar the list goes on in the Grocery List.

Don't be scared of failure. Live your life to the full potential.



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